25 Ways To Save Money In Order To Be a Millionaire

I am writing this article at the request of many friends and acquaintances who want to know we save so much money, but still have a great quality of life. This is a long article, so you might want to bookmark or print it to read later. If you take the time to read it, and open to change, it has the potential to save some serious money. I have included a few examples from my own life as advice and inspiration. Some of the themes that prevail throughout the article that consistency, organization, and finding a good value.

25 Ways To Save Money In Order To Be a Millionaire

1. Be saver power.
Anything that has a connector can use energy, even when it's off. I pulled something non-essential, and shut down the power bar when not in use. Also consider motion sensor switch, CFL bulbs, and programmable thermostats.

2. Store flyers and make plans.
Plan your meals for the week or month based on what's in your cupboard, fridge, freezer, and what's on sale that week. When staples, spices, or household products are on sale, buy them: It saves a lot of money compared to run out and have to pay a few dollars more to buy them in an emergency. I try to spread things out and buy some of these items a week.

3. Cooking at home instead of eating out.
We used to eat a lot. With the cooking in our house much healthier, and with some practice, food will taste much better than many restaurants. Honestly, it has made me a lot fussier when deciding whether I like something in a restaurant. Making homemade dishes can also provide delicious, healthy lunch for the next day, or freezing for another day when there is no rest. My husband kept getting asked to work if he had dinner and then take it because it looks so good! Looking for new recipes? Do a web search, you will see so many options for one dish even.

4. The drive Mindfully.
Do not make unnecessary trips, wait and run multiple tasks at once, or plan your route to do things on the road. When on the highway, to decide the pace and set the cruise control if the roads are good so you do not burn all the extra gas accelerate and decelerate. If you can leave just a few minutes earlier and drive a little slower, you would use the gas was less. Also, make sure that your tire pressure is set at the recommended level set my producer.

5. Keep everything organized in your home.
Make sure you always know where the scissors, tape, and other craft supplies. If you buy gifts or items for your home ahead of time - keep them all in one place. If you know where things are, it avoids run out and buy a copy at the last minute. Save a gift bag, good tape, and paper wrapping for later use. When these items are in the clear-out, inventory.

6. Plan ahead when it comes to gifts.
It is much easier to save money when you think about things before. Start thinking about Christmas and birthday presents early. Always pay attention to the "door Crasher" sales or sales open - they usually will put flyers out ahead of time so that you can decide at home. Do not buy something just for the sake of sales - make sure you have someone in mind, and are committed to it. It is often helpful to get a friend or spouse advice before making a purchase.

7. Using a calendar with large boxes for every day help.
Just know in advance what you and your family will do, and when, will have you consciously think about it, and the costs associated with activities such as parties, school trips, weddings, etc. Also, think about when planning a trip and around others in the family activities.

8. When it works out.
Costco often has a few things every week where they offer coupons on top of their prices, or instant manufacturer's rebate. On the other end, taking advantage of bulk food store for a small number of expensive items such as spices. For only a buck, you can add great flavor to your food than spend a few bucks at the grocery store for a spice that is likely to be stale before you finish using the package.

9. Having a vegetable garden.
You will not believe the difference in taste. At the end of the season, some vegetables and herbs can be frozen immediately, or pale, then frozen. Also, take advantage of buying locally grown products when you can. If you have a local farmer's market, which is ideal. I've seen ads for a small table hydroponic herb garden which is ideal if you live in an apartment or do not get a big light in your home in the winter.

10. Always be on the look out for great recipes, offers and money saving tips.
Do not be afraid to talk to anyone about this. By putting yourself out there, you can take a lot of great ideas. I never found out about midnight madness sale big at the lowest price just by talking with one of my neighbors about kitchen appliances.

11. Invest in a good pet food.
It turned out that one of the two households have pets. People sometimes think that the food animal veterinary clinic they may seem too expensive, but often there is a big difference in quality. You can not judge a pet food by their percentage wear-bag company can skew the information any way they want. The food is made by food companies are often more concentrated recipe than some cheaper. In other words, you can feed your pet less of them to get the proper nutrition of scoopfuls of cheap goods that they will only pass a stool. In addition, these foods generally promote better health overall, coat better, and better digestion. Please talk with your vet about it - it is very important. Even if you do not want to buy from a veterinary clinic, the doctor may recommend a diet that is available in stores pet food of better quality.

12. Plan your wardrobe.
Think about what you look like, and what looks good on you. Avoid spending money on expensive clothes that will not become a trend in a few months. Taking only lasting a few signature pieces like the little black dress, white shirt, knit sweaters, pencil skirt, and wear comfortable day. Once you know what you want, keep an eye out for sales, consignment stores and explore until you find exactly what you want. Do not settle for anything that does not fit you perfectly - it will make you sad, and even worse, you will have wasted money.

13. Make friends do you have the same thing.
Take turns host clothing and footwear trade night where everyone brings some pieces they no longer want and everyone looked through the belongings of their friends. Pooling your resources with friends can also work for babysitting, making large batches of food such as cookies, or even investment and knowledge sharing literature.

14. Make plans to get out of debt peripheral.
Working hard to get rid of credit card debt first, then stop using the card. People who are good to seek advice from the David Chilton, David Bach, and Suzy Orman. Buy not pay astronomical prices for your loan, you save hundreds. I will write more on debt payments in the future.

15. Get creative and looking for a fun way.
Doing things like go hiking together, or for a picnic. This not only saves money, but it will bring you closer together as a family. You all are more likely to save money and get out of debt you are in the same team.

16. Making things personal.
If you do not have a lot of money, or just have a lot of people to buy for - finding ways to personalize it - that's what really matters. For distant friends, we take the time to hand write a personal letter to them. If you want to send a gift to someone who purchased far, consider giving magazine subscriptions, gift cards, or order a gift through a network of stores that they have in their area - this way you do not need to spend extra money parcel delivery. This year I was lucky and even save 10% on all my stamps when they go on sale!

17. This is the end of my favorites! Shop around before making a major purchase.
Once you decide what you want, call around or go online and get all the prices from the comfort of your own home. For example, my husband and I saved over $ 1000 on our Tempurpedic mattress with letting the seller know that we are not in a hurry, and have a look. He is motivated to sell, so he immediately called headquarters and found that we could have floor models at the discount. Store policy is that the floor model is not used for more than 30 days, and they were professional cleaning all mattresses before shipment. They even removed our old mattress to donate. My friend saved hundreds in his new Honda just by calling 20 different dealers in our province and make them to fax quote him. I could go on and on .... in the future, I will write a series about how I saved over $ 8000 on my wedding!

18. Automatic your savings.
There are many plans to save money, high interest savings accounts, and mutual funds that allow you to contribute as little as $ 25 per month and an RRSP or registered retirement savings whatever plans you have in your country. By automating, you do two things: 1) Pay yourself first, and 2) Seeing that you can live well with less disposable income slightly. It is recommended that you save 10% of your income. If this sounds daunting, start with less, and increase gradually. You'll see that by automating it, you do not miss the money like you even though you will. This tip saves money, because the sooner you start contributing to your retirement - the less you have to spend any amount due to the power of compounding interest.

19. Develop expertise in the areas of interest.
For example, decided to find out more about managing your home finances and ways to stretch your dollar further. Developing an area of interest by spending just a few minutes a day or a few hours a week reading the web, magazine articles, or books / chapters on the subject. Your local public library is a great free resource. I am always amazed at the selection of magazines that they have.

20. Stop cold air leaks in your home.
If you do not live in a cold climate, it still can help. First go around to all the outside your door - if there is a draft, replacing weather stripping, or customize to stop the leak. Putting those clear plastic sheet that covers the hair dryer in the window efficient work very well too. During our first winter in our new home, we find that although they are fitted with a gas fireplace home, they do not put the fan to blow hot air into the room, or to protect the back of the fireplace. As a result, it feels like the arctic wind coming into our living room - even the dog will not lie down on the floor! Our solution is to turn off the pilot light, and tape off everything with plastic and duct tape until we got to the bottom of it.

21. When buying equipment, buying the highest efficiency.
Look for the Energy Star symbol. Sometimes it depends on where you live, rebates are available to encourage its use. Even if you buy used, conduct research into the model and model number to find out if it's high efficiency double savings!

22. Donate your time.
I put this into a money saving tip article because it is very, very important to me. Depending on how you look at it, your time is valuable, and worth a lot of money. Give time to causes that are important to you is much more useful than anything small you can make a financial contribution, and not be eaten in administrative costs. I almost always volunteer my time instead of money, part of the reason for the limited financial resources when we were students, but also because it makes us feel good. Some ideas include taking a turn volunteering at your local food bank, soup kitchen, walk dogs for the humane society, or more commitment involved as Big Brothers / Sisters. When I was in university, many of us will take our dog to the local retirement home on weekends to visit a pet - I have some wonderful memories of this time in my life.

23. Re-evaluation of the huge cost you at least once a year.
Check out what other companies are offering for auto and home insurance, telephone and long distance, Internet, and mobile phone services. Often, if you call your company and tell them that you have found a better deal, they may fit your business to not lose.

24. Look for member discounts.
When traveling or seeking services, by doing a little leg work, you can save money on the things you plan to do anyway. This is especially useful when traveling. For example, if you are a member of AAA / CAA, Costco members, government officials, teachers, or service person, you may get a better rate. It never hurts to ask - especially in tourist areas.

25. Make payments and perform routine maintenance on time.
Trying hard to make all payments on time to avoid unnecessary delay penalties and interest charges - because they really can add up over a year. Doing things like routine maintenance oil change for your car, or visit the dentist is a good idea. As with many things in life, investing a little money in advance and regularly often avoid some major downs road costs. I used to pay the bills just before they were due to help with cash flow, but realized that if I had a really busy week or stress, sometimes I would forget and have to pay a few days late. Another advantage of paying the bill immediately, is that you have less money burning a hole in your bank account just itching to spend!

Well, I'm sure it's enough for now. I think it's safe to say that if you've read this far in the article, you may have found some tips that you can try. Hopefully the savings begin!