Financial Success With a $3 Billion

Financial success with $ 3B mindset, methods and money management may be new to hear. In America this term was introduced to help traders (those who buy and sell stocks, futures products, options and other capital market products). The term in America known as the $ 3B = Mindset, Method and Money Management. Financial Financial Planner will discuss the financial success with the mindset, methods and financial manjamen.

Financial Success with Financial Management

Many incoming email to the Problem Of Financial Debt contains: financial challenges my family no greater expenditure than income. Do you think spending greater than the revenue it bad?

The answer depends, expenditure is greater than income., For some people is a problem for some people but not others. Spending there are two consumer spending and productive spending.

A. Expenditure consumptive eg daily needs, recreation, buy clothes, pants, bags, and other electronics.

B. Expenditure productive for example investing in mutual funds, buying land, houses or apartments for rent.

If consumer spending someone greater than income, it is time for the people to tighten belts, began managing finances. One way is to make household financial budget and financial statement is simple.


Financial success by financial planners Problem Of Financial Debt to be done with the right mindset and proper financial management. Everything must be done with full commitment and discipline.