Stay away 5 Bad Habits Managing Money

Bad habits often do not manage the money we feel. We just bought it and dismiss this planning or planning. What are the consequences? Of course, the medium-term financial goals and our long hard fulfilled. Managing money can be regarded as a habit. Do not let our bad habits can damage the health of our financial condition. Therefore recognize bad habits to manage money so that we can meet the financial goals of our medium and long term.

5 Bad Habits Managing Money and Solutions

Here are 5 bad habits that often times we do and we do not realize that this is a danger to the health of our finances. What are some bad habits?

Not Conscious Money We Out Where

Believe it or not we are aware we often take money in atm, then unconsciously suddenly lost our money where (aka The belanjain where)? Or we realized just now payday then do not know suddenly bolted declining balance atm. Where did our money go? Have you ever aware of it? This is because we are not used to record our expenses, so we do not know where our money goes.

Therefore, the simplest solution to correct bad habits to manage money is our record revenue and expenditure daily. Record the daily expenditure is quite difficult to collect his intention, annoying, disturbing, cause discomfort in a short time, but it is helpful for the medium and long term. One of the advantages noted daily expenses we can know our expenditure patterns in a given period eg monthly expenditure patterns.

Always Pay Minimum Credit Card

Credit cards are a tool used to help payment. Consciously or unconsciously, that we often credit card ditawarin yes yes wrote. With the simple reason that its administrative costs zero to life. Finally, we collect credit card. Consciously we unconsciously use card spending the first, the second to the eight cards. Then we forget the first card to be paid when, the second card must be paid when. Finally in debt and we pay the minimum credit card for each card. End of story we are trapped by credit card debt.

Not one looo credit card. It was one of us as credit card users who are less wise. Solutions to fix bad habits managing money is to always pay more than the minimum credit card payment. Try paid off credit cards and credit card have to taste. As suggested by our government 2 pretty card.

Do not Have an Emergency Fund and Insurance

Do not have an emergency fund or health insurance is a very dangerous thing. Why? As there is a proverb willing umbrella before it rains. Well emergency funds and insurance (in particular health insurance) is an umbrella that we use when there is rain or problems in our finances.

Solutions to fix bad habits manage money is to start preparing and saving an emergency fund. Buying health insurance policy and other insurances that we need (read not insurance offered to us). The most important thing is to buy insurance that we need and do not forget the emergency fund.

Buying Things that Nanggung

Well this one is usually made confused. Never ga experience we buy something to say just buy POWERBANK (tool for energy reserves for our mobile phones). Because busyness The ABE and the need for backup power for mobile phones and tablets, the ABE want to buy a POWERBANK. There is a choice of brand A and brand B. Then ABE choose a brand that is cheaper than brand B. Differences 1 week POWERBANK A broken and not functioning properly. Finally ABE buy again POWERBANK brand B.

HAVE we have a situation like ABE buy bear? Or other bear-bear? (read: discounts bear, bear again the same friend, bear fit in the store and other bear-bear).

Solutions to fix bad habits manage money is to buy something appropriate needs not wants. Expensive if we need is not a problem. Cheap if we do not need to be a problem.

Upside Investment Buy Low Sell High

It is our habit and most of the people. Invest in a way that is upside down, buy at high prices and sell at low prices. Alias always lose. What's the solution?

Solutions to improve the bad habits we manage money is to learn to control our investments. Do not feel loss to follow seminars on investment that we follow, read a book or a discussion with people who are more experienced. Indeed there is a price to pay. Before investing in investment products, we really should invest in the time to learn to control our investments.

Hopefully we can improve our bad habits in managing money.